Thursday 15th September

Please note the updated draws for Thursday 15th September classes in the Indoor Arena. The course walk will be at 6:45am and the first horse will be on course at 7am. The classes will be in the following order:

  1. Class 10 – 80cm

  2. Class 11 – 90cm

  3. Class 12 – 100cm

  4. Class 8 – 110cm

Click here for the updated Thursday September 15th Draw – Updated on September 15th

The event office will be located in the white marquee on the Main Arena next to the VIP building. This will be open from 3pm Tuesday until 5pm, 9am Wedensday until 4pm and from 6.30am Thursday.

Changes/Scratchings From this point on no scratchings will be refunded. If you are changing a class (which will only be allowed if numbers permit) you will be asked to pay for the new class and forgo your entry in the other class. All changes must be notified in writing and MUST be received in the event office no later than 2.30pm each day.

Horse Inspection/Trot up Will be held on Wednesday afternoon for all Young Rider and Senior Championship horses. Smart casual dress of the handler is required. Young Rider horses will be trotted up 1 to 2.30pm and Senior horses 2.30 to 4pm. Senior Championship horses will be required to be on the grounds at Werribee Park by 1pm Wednesday 14th September 2016. Stables will be available from Tuesday 13th September at 1pm. Senior horses may not leave the grounds during the duration of the event. Any horse in breach of this condition will be eliminated.

Bedding Will be available in your stables upon arrival. If there is extra bedding needed these can be purchased from Werribee Park ONLY.

Feed Feed Order forms can found on the event website for those needing extra feed.

Stabling  and Parking Stabling Lists will be posted on our website on Monday. Please read your stable allocations carefully. These will be listed in alphabetical order by surname. We are expecting a lot of horses and riders so we ask everyone to please be mindful of this when parking. For this reason when you are parking we ask you to please park as close as possible to the person next to you and please note there will be no room allocated for horses to be tied to trucks/floats. If you have any issues with your stabling allocations please contact Brook Dobbin directly on 0418 587 735 or send an email to

Dogs are welcome at Werribee Park but must be on a lead at all times.

Dinner Tickets For Friday and Saturday Night can still be ordered and if you want to order some please email in the next couple of days.

Please remember the committee of the Australian Showjumping Championships are all volunteers. We are all running this event to create a great event for you the riders, so we ask in return for courtesy and harmony. We want everyone to have a great event and we will do our best to try and ensure this happens.

If you have any queries please put them in writing to or phone 0403 707 299.

Happy riding and good luck to you all! Let’s enjoy great jumping and hopefully great Werribee weather.