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We are looking forward to another great year and need all the help we can get from great people to make this happen.

To help make your time with us an enjoyable experience we need to get some information from you, please complete the form below.

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We have many days and times that we require help. Please indicate below what suits you best.

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These are the days before the event on which many of our committee members will have moved into Werribee. We are looking
for anyone who is able to help with the many jobs in setting up.

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If you are able to stay to help with clean up on the Monday we would be very grateful as this seems to be one of the hardest times to fill. (Plus, Sunday night is a good chance to debrief on a great event)


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Special Skills

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Tow a vehicle?

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As we get closer to the big day I will be in touch again and bring all news, timetables and more to you.

If you know of anyone else who would like to be a part of this great event please feel free to pass my contact details on
to them or I am happy to make contact with them. You can find out more and stay in touch at our Facebook page and website.